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Valbona: Homage of Tradition

Over a century of excellence in the art of canning: this is the history of Valbona, a prestigious and innovative company specialized in transforming fresh vegetables for GDO, Normal Trade and Ho.Re.Ca segments.

The canning tradition of Valbona dates back to the beginning of the 1900’s when the founding partners got a few tools of the trade from a Venetian craftsman who produced vinegar and pickled vegetables.

The growth of the company, however, was rapid and in 1962 the “Valbona” trademark was born. In the early 1980’s the company started to play a leading part in the private label segment, while the 1980’s were characterized by a further increase in sales and strong technological development.

Today Valbona is a company that has maintained its family identity, but at the same time has created a modern organized structure run using managerial criteria.

References to Valbona are on the shelves of the main distribution chains in Italy and the world.

The quality and excellence of these products, in fact, are also greatly appreciated overseas.

All the references are processed following the most innovative methods that meet the needs of consumers, always maintaining the original flavour of the vegetables.

The structure is equipped with the most advanced production systems: all the processes are automated and guarantee conformity with quality standards.

The factory has recently been restructured according to BRC/IFS criteria in order to obtain such prestigious certifications.

Valbona does not only invest in technology: many important resources, in fact, are designated to training personnel on subjects such as safety and health and hygiene standards.


Research and Development

Studying technological innovations aimed at improving both productive processes and the products, apart from creating new ones: this is the objective of the Research and Development department at Valbona, a department on the cutting edge, made up of technicians skilled in different sectors – from chemistry to food sciences – who work everyday at researching an increasingly higher quality.

All Valbona products are born with the objective of meeting consumer needs in terms of flavour, safety, nutrition and health. For this reason those who choose a Valbona product choose total quality.