Musso Prodotti Alimentari srl
Via Torino nr. 23  - 10040 Leinì (TO)
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Musso Prodotti Alimentari s.r.l. Co,. founded in 1988 by the Musso family, originated from the experience that Luigi and Giovanni Musso gained in 30 years of running some of the largest delicatessen in Turin.

Originally stared up on a small production site in Turin, within just few years the know-how and creativity of the founder partners led to an outstanding business growth both in terms of turnover and geographical expansion.

From a small family-run business, Musso became a small industry, also gaining recognition and awards from the major groups of the Italian distribution chain.

The company’s main feature lies in its variety and wide-ranging assortment, divided up into 3 major Fresh-Gastronomy lines : fish, cold gastronomic food products and hot gastronomic food products.

This wide-ranging choice comes from both a great product creativity, always carried out in the factory, and thanks to the capability of satisfying specific customer demands and needs going as far as to study custom-made recipes.

Mayonnaise and gelatine based products stand out from the cold gastronomic food range and are often shown off on beautiful arranged and decorated dishes: ready to serve products suitable to embellish important anniversary lunches or dinners.

Hot gastronomic food products, prepared in the Leinì kitchens and destined to be heated up in the oven or microwave at the consumer’s house, represent the part of the production that is most in tune with the changes nowadays taking places in consumer habits: first and second meat and fish courses, side dishes and pies with very short shelf-life that give the customers the opportunity of having a small but complete “delicatessen department” in their supermarkets.


All the products are available both in large sized packs (in order to be sold by gram), as well as in small transparent “take-away” packs.