Caseificio Pugliese Conrado
Via Ettore Elia nr. 10 – 10020 Lauriano (TO)
Tel. +39 011 2173100    Fax. +39 011 9146496



The Caseificio Pugliese Conrado history started 40 years ago when the Radicci family moved from Apulia region to Piedmont region linking Apulian dairy tradition with the best piemontese milk.

The production gives birth to a full range of high quality and extremely fresh products made only with pasteurized cow milk such as Mozzarella Fior di Latte, Nodini, Treccine, Burrata, Ricotta, Scamorza, Caciocavalo, Stracchino, Fresh and semi-matuired Tomini, Robiola.

In 1997 Caseificio Pugliese bought the Caseificio Conrado, an ancient piedmontese company founded in 1933, so in 1997 the Caseificio Pugliese-Conrado Group was born .

The company mission is to reach an excellent quality and this important aim has been pursued through 3 main steps:

•    Selection and control of suppliers

•    Selection of the area where the milk comes from

•    Selection of milk through restrictive parameters

According to this aim Caseificio Pugliese-Conrado Group invested on local farms to be able to guarantee high quality trough the selections of cows, sanitary controls of both cows and milk that enable us to decrease the pasteurizing time of the milk which therefore keeps better its organoleptic characteristics.

We actually selected 39 piedmontese stables and every day we pick up about 150tons of milk.

All production is totally computer-based in order to keep all steps of production under control and, in order to assure  top quality products, all our suppliers must contractually comply with our stricted standars.

In may 2006 we opened the new plant in Lauriano that with its 15.000mq is now considered one of the most technological advanced dairy plants in Europe.

The total quality of cheese depends even on freshness and that’s the reason why Caseificio Pugliese-Conrado Group distributes all cheeses directly thanks to our 6 warehouses, located in strategic areas, where everyday 60 trucks bring fresh cheeses.