Crunchy and flavourful thay are also light because they have a low calorie base.

They are the perfect accompaniment to any dish: from appetizers to salad and from main courses to cheeses.




The assortment of Valbona olives, prepared according to one of the most ancient Italian traditions, is rich and satisfies all tastes.

Ideal in any occasion, they are an indispensable pleasure of our cuisine.


Antipasti in oil

The rich range of “In Oil” has been designed by following the most typical Italian gastronomic tradition.

The vegetables, all first quality and processed according to strict quality standards, are firm and tasty and ideal for both enhancing everyday recipes and making special dishes unique.



It is the line created for those who love rustic and traditional flavours.

The light grilling enhances the natural flavour of the vegetables and makes them fit to accompany any dish.

The “Grilled” line is a delicious alternative to everyday side dishes and gives a touch of originality to every recipe.




A good first course is what often makes Italian cuisine stand out.

This is the reason Valbona decided to create an entire line of sauces: in order to offer a modern interpretation of the flavours of traditional “sauces”.

These products are ideal for every type of pasta, rice or lasagne. Easy to cook because they are ready to use, Valbona sauces are creamy and smell delicious and give any dish a unique and genuine flavour.



Valbona “Spreads” are an essential ingredient for happy hour, brunch and snacks. Versatile and ready to use, they are ideal for preparing canapé and bruschetta, for filling focaccia or inventing tasty snacks.

Greatly appreciated because they are easy to use, these creamy spreads are excellent allies in the kitchen because they are also exquisite as sauces for pasta or accompaniments to meats or fish.