White autumn truffles

The White Truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico), commonly known as the White Alba Truffle, is of all the species the most valuable both for its gastronomic qualities and also because the qualities collected never quite satisfy the demand. The name White Alba Truffle refers to the kind of truffle and not only to its region of origin. This truffle is found fully ripened in Autumn, from October to December. It has pale yellow or greenish skin and nut-brown pulp with lighter-coloured veins which disappear after cooking. It emanates a strong pleasant odour which makes it, without doubt, one of the most delicious ingredients to be found on the tables of gourmets the world over.

Black winter truffles

The Black Truffle (Tuber Melaosporum Vitt.), commonly known as the Black Norcia or Périgord Truffle, is the best known truffle. Often referred to as a culinary diamond or pearl, it is, along with White Alba, without doubt the most noble truffle. It reaches full maturity from December to March and hence is named Black Winter Truffle, to distinguish it from the black Summer Truffle which is less valued. It has black wrinkled skin covered in tiny warts and a blackish-purple pulp when ripe with fine white venis which on cooking are tinged with pink and black. It is mainly used in traditional French cuisine and it is thanks to the expansion of this high-level cuisine that it now knows no bounds.

White spring truffles

The White Truffle /Tuber Borchii Vitt. Or Tuber Albidum), commonly known as the “Marzuolo” (March) truffle after the period of ripening is without doubt less sought after than the White Alba or Norcia Black Truffle but it is in no way inferior. It has a decisive flavour and some of the characteristics of garlic. It matures from January to April and for this reason is known as the Spring Truffle. It has smooth skin, whitish in colour with hints of fawn and a light-coloured pulp which also has tinges of fawn, sometimes almost brownish- purple with branch-like veins. As for the Black Truffle the flavour and fragrance of this “Whitish” truffle are exalted on cooking so it is particularly appropriate for use in truffled products.

Black summer truffles

the Black Summer Truffle (Tuber Aestivum Vitt.), commonly knows as the “Scorzone” truffle for the thickness of its skin, is the least prized truffle. It can be found in great quantities for a period which goes from June to November in the whole of Italy and for this reason is less expensive than the othe kinds of truffles. It has black skin covered in pyramid-shaped warts and a yellowish-bronze coloured pulp with numerous lighter coloured branch-like venis which disappear after cooking. While in the past it was used only in the preparation of sausages, salami, etc., instead of the costly black truffle, today it has found its own identity and is widely used in all kinds of dishes.