In Albinia, just a stone’s throw from Orbetello with its wealth of lagoon traditions, all the flavours of the sea are captured, ready to enjoy, in the classical recipes handed down by the fisherman or in appetising marine interpretations where the savour is enhanced by combination with the flavours of the kitchen garden. As in the antipasti the seafood salads, the anchovies, the marinated sardines or in the more creative and original gastronomy specialties. 




Experience in the processing of the seasonal vegetables, proves to be foundamental for a faithful rendering of the traditional flavours. Depending on the preparation these can become appetising antipasti or fresh side dishes, always ready to enjoy and also provide the basic ingredients for characteristic recipes. 




COPAIM fresh egg pasta began to be made in 1945 in a small shop in Montecatini Terme in Tuscany and it is still produced with the same loving craftsmanship in the plant of Mazza e Cozzille. Here they create all the typical Tuscan egg pasta specialties such as Mugello tortelli, Florentine crespelle, Maremma ravioli and the Versilia tordelli, as well as the great classic like tagliatelle, ravioli tortelloni and panzerotti.  




The production of the locally produced Il Fiora cheese comes from one of the most authentic Tuscan dairy traditions. A complete range of cheeses that starts with the milk coming from the high pastures of the Maremma area and from the passion of our master dairymen: two fundamental  ingredients that allow our cheese to be as tasty and fragrant as possible in order to give off all the taste and fragrance that make them so appreciated.

Our range includes the classical Tuscan DOP Pecorino cheese as well as softer cheeses like Primo Sale and Ricotta.