Tuscan D.O.P. Fresh and Mature Pecorino Cheese:

Only the freshest milk reaches our dairy where it is masterfully crafted to produce our smooth and creamy Pecorino Toscano.
Unrivalled by its counterparts, which generally tend to be stronger and saltier,
our Pecorino Toscano cheese, both fresh and matured, is our creamery’s pride and joy!




Pecorino di Fossa cheese:

Our Pecorino di Fossa is sealed and stored in canvas sacks in the original trenches at Sogliano al Rubiconde for approximately 90 days. The special anaerobic fermentation which ensues gives this cheese that special flavour and aroma which is truly unique.



Aromatic cheeses:

These small "caciotta" cheeses are made from both sheep’s and cow’s milk with added chilli pepper, truffle and pure Maremma saffron and, along with our Pecorino Nocino, magically evoke the colours and flavour of the ever-changing seasons.