Box Risotto

Description: A simple preparation for perfect Italian Risotto, very easy to cook.

515 Quattro formaggi arborio rice with four cheeses, herbs and spices.

507 Funghi Porcini arborio rice with Porcini mushrooms, herbs & spices.

510 Tartufo arborio rice with black truffle

505 Ortolano arborio rice with mixed vegetables, herbs & spices.

509 Pomodoro e Basilico arborio rice with tomato & basil.

516 Ricotta e Spinaci arborio rice with ricotta cheese and spinach.

Chef’s Pick:

Melt a knob of butter in a saucepan

and add the risotto mix. Toast over low heat, stirring constantly for a minute or two. Add a glass of white wine and stir through until evaporated.  Prepare around two cups (900 ml) broth (or hot water) and add a little at a time and cook over low heat for 16 -18 minutes, stirring occasionally until cooked. Serve hot with fresh grated parmesan cheese and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil as desired.

Brand: Il Boschetto

Declared volume: 250 gr

Best before: 12 months

Box Tin


Innovative and elegant packaging presents this top quality range of herbs and spices to be used as a garnish for all kinds of foods. Each mix of spices or single ingredient is suitable for garnishing a special dish, from savoury to sweet.

BOX TIN 012 - Chilli pepper 10 g - Create your own spicy dish

BOX TIN 028 - Cinnamon 6 g - Decorate your main course, desserts, ice cream, coffee

BOX TIN 082.1 - Sea salt (20%), juniper,  pink pepper, garlic, mallow, thyme, mint, parsley, marigold, safflowers 15 g. - Decorate all kinds of savoury dishes

BOX TIN 029 - Star Aniseed 10 g - Decorate your seafood, vegetables, desserts, ice cream

BOX TIN 095/1 - Onion, sea salt, parsley, tomato, rosmary 30 g - Ideal for beef, lamb, pork, seafood

BOX TIN 030 - Nutmegs 30 g - Decorate your main course, fresh cheese, desserts

BOX TIN 927 - Rosmary, garlic, sea salt, parsley, lemon 20 g - Ideal for fish, seafood, vegetables and salad

Brand:  Antica Acetaia Toscana

Best before: 18 months only for

BOX TIN 029 - 030

Best before: 24 months

MAC 070

Description: Tall wooden grinder with Italian sea salt, herbs and spices.

070.12 Black peppercorns - Try with meat, fish, vegetables and any kind of antipasto.

070.18 Italian sea salt - Bring out the flavour in any food by adding a pinch of this quality sea salt from Italy.

070.74 Mediterraneo - ideal for all kinds of baked meats and vegetables. 

070.71 Pepato - ideal for white meats, fish, seafood and game such as wild boar.

070.70 Grigliata - ideal for grilled or barbecued meats or fish.

070.24 Mix Pepi - peppercorns mix. Ideal for grilled meats and fish.

070.39 Pepe & Lime - Ideal for seasoning white meats and game.

Chef’s Pick: can be ground during cooking or directly over food when serving.

Brand: Il Boschetto

Declared volume: 590 g Italian sea salt, 465 g Italian sea salt, herbs & spices

430 g Pepe & Lime

Best before: 24 months 290 g black peppercorns, 245 g Peppercorns mix

Best before: 18 months


Description: The Condimentum Etruscus is simmered grape juice with the addition of some vinegar made from typical Tuscan red wine, then enriched with natural flavouring and caramel. The condimentum is refined in oak barrels for several months.

254 PRUNES – Condiment based on grape must, wine vinegar and prunes

256 ETRUSCUS - Condiment based on grape must and wine vinegar

257 FIGS - Condiment based on grape must, wine vinegar and figs

258 RUM - Condiment based on grape must, wine vinegar and rum

Chef’s Pick: ideal with a variety of foods, from hard cheeses to fresh strawberries, from substantial meat dishes to light salads and grilled vegetables.

All of the recipes are ideal to splash over all kinds of fruit desserts: fresh fruit and ice cream, fruit salads, jam tarts served hot or cold, cheesecakes, upside down puddings, apple crumble etc. Drizzle over your dessert just before serving.

Brand: Antica Acetaia Toscana

Declared volume: 100 ml

Best before: 36 months

Tust Infusolio

Description: Infused extra virgin olive oil in elegant presentation tube.

100 Extra virgin olive oil

Infused extra virgin olive oil with:

102 Basil                114 Lemon

108 Chilli pepper    104 Garlic

Chef’s Pick:

BASIL: It can be used in a great variety of dishes. Basil is of course an indispensable ingredient in Italian pesto.

It brings out the flavours in lasagne, white meat, salads or rice dishes.

LEMON: Lemon rind is very important in Mediterranean cuisine and is used in sauces, stuffings for meat or vegetables, the preparation of marinades, salads, pasta and also in cakes.

CHILLI PEPPER: With its strong, intense and hot flavour it is easily one of the most versatile spices. It is known to stimulate the appetite and aids digestion, without forgetting its aphrodisiacal properties.

Chilli pepper is used in the preparation of all kinds of meat, fish and vegetable dishes as well as pasta and antipasto.

GARLIC: adds flavour to all kinds of food: from meats and vegetables to soups, stews, risotto and cooked sauces.

Enjoy and experiment with it by following any of our chef’s suggestions.

Brand: Il Boschetto

Declared volume:

200 ml infused extra virgin olive oil

250 ml extra virgin olive oil

Best before: 18 months