Welcome to the Corsini world

Casteldelpiano, sits on the slop of Mount Amiata, amid the green of Tuscany.

Sincere people, generous in nature, taking pleasure in doing things properly, respect for the rules, no hurry and the aroma of good things in the air



 A Good Awakening

A classic Italian Breakfast: Corsini suggest its exclusive sweets products, among which, you'll find “Biscottoni” (fresh milk biscuits), whole grain flour cookies, cereal biscuits, “Briotost” (the original bread crusps with honey), soft snacks, homemade cakes and all the other specialties.

For a special, light, healthy breakfast characterized by flavour and scent of “Once upon a time”.

Richer, tastier, more pleasing when enjoyed together, because a good awakening makes your day more pleasant.



Almond Cantuccini are known and appreciated all over the world and are considered a sign of our good Tuscan life style. Almond Cantuccini by Corsini have won fame and the approval of the best clientele for many reasons: they are made by adhering to the ancient original recipe, because of their characteristic flavour, alarge amount of the highest quality almonds, a wise processing and, finally, the quality of packaging that enhances their image and the pleasure of presenting to someone a gift of the “Tuscan Bakery Art”.



Our Panforte is processed the rules of an ancient recipe and is one of the specialties that have made the Corsini name and bakery famous. As it was discovered from old documents in the monasteries of Mount Amiata, nuns would prepare this bread mixed with honey and pepper. Later on, spice sellers from Siena made this product known as “panpepato”.

The quality of Panforte by Corsini is enhanced by our prestigious and refined packaging, made even more pleasing by the classic handmade wrapping.


Polendina cake

Polendina is an exclusive speciality created by Corsini as a tribute to the most important fruit of Mount Amiata's woods: the chestnut.

Chestnut flour is the main ingredient of this cake that has a peculiar shape and resembles a “polenta” (thick corn porridge) laid on a backing pan, a remembrance of our grandparents'food. In order to fully enjoy its fragrance, tradition teaches us to spread it with cocoa powder and served it either with whipped cream or fresh “ricotta” cheese.


Panettone by Corsini

A Panettone by Corsini is characterized, above all, by the extraordinary care that Corsini people take in preparing the mother yeast, the primary dough from which the cakes are created: a dough rich in ancient wisdom, a dough that is considered part of the family. No surprise, therefore, Ubaldo Corsini was so taken by this great passion: “In order to make a good Panettone you need to know the mother yeast, like a child knows his mother. You must understand its changes, the succession of the seasons; it is a living thing that can well recognize the wisdom and mastery of those who process it and it will pay you back, if you treat it properly. Let's not forget, however, the selection of the best ingredients, the slow patient processing, the long hours of waiting between one dough and the next, the growing strength and unmistakable flavour of the mother yeast, and finally breaking the yeast into pieces by hand, so as not to offend the dough. These are the ancient rules to make a great Panettone, our rules”.